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Dream Journal is a mobile, easy and convenient tool for saving your dreams available at any time of the day or night for android and apple devices.

The diary is divided into several sections. There is in it a „List of dreams”, where we have a dreams that you sent to us for interpretation. Then there is the folder „Not sent” where we have unsent dreams. „Completed dreams” is a place where dreams are already interpreted by us and sent to you. You can also send us feedback about this translation from this folder. You can add dreams to your „Favorite dreams” list at any time.

To get to the option of a given dream, just drag it to the left. Each dream contain the date of sleep, the time of awakening, color of the dream, the title for quick identification, the persons and fillings appearing in it, the content of dream and whether it has been repeated before.

Diary of dreams, dictionary over 10,000 symbols, send dreams to interpretation and more…

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snyiwizjeDreams Interpretation

Our team of translators will help you interpret difficult dreams if you send them to us. Dictionary of 10,000 symbols…

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