Relaxing Meditation Spiritual Chillout Music

The most personalized sleep and relaxation experience that you can possibly have. With its very intuitive interface, create a very unique and personalized ambience to suit your personal needs. Are you feeling tired and stressed ?
Had you a hard day? Want to relax and sleep better ? Our app is the perfect solution for you.

Music is an inseparable part of everyone’s life.
It accompanies us everywhere and influence our mood.
Relaxing music will make you feel calm and relaxed.
Chill out Relaxing music helps to forget about the daily duties and relieves stress.
It has not only the sounds of relaxation, but also the beautiful pictures that make you feel better.

Professional Sounds Collection:
1. Forest and Water streams
2. Rain and Thunder
3. Seaside, Beach sounds
4. Fireplace
5. Underwater: Whales and Dolphins


– Easy to use
– The choice of relaxing music depending on the mood
– 100% free application
– Relaxing music can run in the background while browsing the internet or other activities
– The app also includes the sounds of nature, sounds of the sea waves, birds singing, the sound of the river, the sounds of the forest and many other tunes

– Select relaxing music
– Push play or pause music
– You can set time of relax in min.
– Enjoy your favorite chill out relaxation music

If you have any comments regarding the application Chill out relaxing music – send us an e-mail.
We appreciate your opinions also – this will allow us in the future to improve our application.